Drawing on his extensive experience in physiotherapy, M. Tousignant is the Chair holder in telerehabilitation research at the Université de Sherbrooke since 2011. This grant places him as a world leader in the telerehabilitation field. Target population of his innovative telerehabilitation projects are diversified, going from people living with COPD to stroke victims.


Significant demographic changes, including population ageing, increased life expectancy and higher prevalence of chronic illnesses, places extraordinary demands on worldwide health care systems. Moreover, distant populations from different service centers and people with reduced nobility have limited access to health services, especially to rehabilitation services. To address those needs, different services models of delivery have been proposed, such as home care.

By contrast, the needs for home care far exceed the offer of service. To answer this growing need, home telehealth, including telerehabilitation services, has been proposed experimentally. This promising alternative for improving access to health care services is defined as one of the application of telehealth which uses telecommunication technologies with the aim of giving accessible and economic rehabilitation services for the patient and the health care system. In the context of this research chair, home telerehabilitation concretely consists of a direct interaction between a patient in his home environment and a professional in his working place, via Internet.


  1. Evaluate feasibility, efficacy and costs of home telerehabilitation in different populations.
  2. Evaluate efficacy of telemonitoring for people living at home and being at risk for a critical incident.
  3. Continuing the intelligent system development (wireless sensors, interactive robots and video transmission) applied to the home telerehabilitation service delivery.
  4. Contributing to academic education of graduate students and highly qualified personnel.
  5. Transferring the work into a clinical environment and disseminating it to the scientific community.