What is OpenTeraPlus?

OpenTeraPlus is an open-source telerehabilitation and telehealth software platform developped by the Plateforme d’Équipements et de Services d’Ingénierie (PESI) from the Sherbrooke Research Center on Aging, IntRoLab and the INTER group.

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Why OpenTeraPlus?

Multiple telerehabilitation and telehealth platforms are available. However, OpenTeraPlus distinguish itself by its ease of use for the healthcare professionals and for the users / patients, for its security features, its adjustments options and possibilities to various use-cases and scenarios, and from its various integrated tools.

Zoom Microsoft Teams Philips Reacts OpenTeraPlus
Login and access
Login without username / password X X (1) X
Direct weblink to join One link per session (2) One link per session (2) N/A One link per participant
Security and technology
Data encryption X X X X
Data connection between participants Using a central server Using a central server Using a central server Direct (peer-to-peer)
Data storage USA / Canada (3) USA / Canada (3) Canada Canada or self-hosted
Source code Proprietary Proprietary Proprietary Open-Source
In-session features (synchronous)
Maximum number of participants 100+ 1000 Unknown 5 (4)
Sessions recording Local / Server (5) Server (5) Unknown Local (if enabled)
Remote microphones control by host (clinician) Turn off Turn off Turn off Turn off, on and source select
Remote camera control by host (clinician) Turn off, position control Turn off Turn off Turn off, on, position control and source select
Screen sharing One screen at a time
Personal activation
One screen at a time
Personal activation
Multiple screens
Personal activation
Multiple screens
Personal and host (clinician) activation
Focus on a participant For self, for all For self, for all Unknown For all
Display local image as a large view X X
Screen angle measurement X
Countdowns and chronometers X
Display and transfer of biometric data
(Oxygen saturation, heartrate)
In development
Offline features
Sessions logs and details X
Participant portal with video sequences created by the host (clinician) X
Offline surveys X
Data transfer and storage of various devices
(Smart watches, instrumented bikes, …)

(1) Teams allows to connect without an user account, but there’s many required steps in order to do so.

(2) It is technically possible to reuse the same link for many sessions, but accountability is lost in the process.

(3) The physical location of data can be determined with a specific agreement with the supplier.

(4) The maximum number of participants in OpenTeraPlus is voluntarily limited because of the secure architecture and the mental charge for the host (clinician) to manage an active multi-participants session

(5) Data storage of sensitive data such as videos on an external server implies multiple legal and ethical issues.


Videoconferencing tools

With a focus on telehealth activities, allowing up to 5 people in a session, screen sharing and display control.

Secure system

Including access management for users, safe data transfer and storage.

Sessions history and planner

Future sessions planning and viewing past sessions, including statistics and collected data.

Logical data organization

Data are structured by sites, projects, participants groups, participants and sessions, allowing to address multiple clinical and research needs.


Windows and Mac software for the host (clinician), web-based access for participants.

Clinical tools

Adapted for telehealth sessions such as on-screen angle measurements, countdowns and chronometers, remote-camera control (PTZ), remote management of devices (microphones, cameras and sensors).

Sensors data

Transfer, display and storage of biometric sensors data (e.g. oxygen saturation, heartrate, physical activities measures).

Offline sessions

Offline sessions planner with a video sequence organized by the host (clinician) for each participant including self-reported surveys.

Participant webportal

Including upcoming sessions calendar and external resources links from the web browser (no application required)

Ease of use

For the healthcare professionals and patients (no software installation required, one link to connect to all sessions)


Software architecture allowing to add new features according to needs such as specific dashboards or data analysis (software development required)

Free and open

Open-source software freely available, allowing self-hosted configuration without constraints and licenses fees.

I want to use OpenTeraPlus!

You want to use OpenTeraPlus in your clinical practice or in your research project? You have two possible options:

Contact us

If you want to discuss with us of the possible options for your clinic or research project, please contact us and it will be a pleasure to help you!

Free self-hosting

If you have access to technical resources, you can install and freely host the required infrastructure to support the platform.